Leasing & Renewals


Leasing Services

At Upper Edge, we perform a comprehensive rental market evaluation on your property to maximize your investment’s potential. Professional property photos are produced and uploaded to the internet listing sites best suited to get your property rented as quickly as possible. Finally, once we receive a rental application, we will use our access to various databases to screen the applicant and give you the best available tenant for your property.

Are you a private landlord needing only leasing or screening services but still want to manage your own property? We can help! Contact us for prices.


One of the most common functions forgotten by landlords is to renew their tenant's lease agreement. It seems once the stress of renovation, repair, advertising and tenant screening is over, many owners get into a routine of collecting rent, taking care of the odd repair and a year passes very quickly.

An expired lease results in many issues, including:

  • Not being able to increase the rent
  • The lease could turn into a month to month lease
  • The tenant vacates without your knowledge, potentially losing you thousands of dollars

At Upper Edge, we will automatically send out the renewal before the deadline, follow up with the tenant to ensure it is signed, and if they decide not to renew, prepare the appropriate advertising to secure another tenant. A good property management company reduces your stress and ensures the details of your investment are covered.