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Why give stuff away?

At Upper Edge we want to help smaller landlords. We believe in "giving back" which is why we volunteer hundreds of hours per year with the Professional Property Manager's Association.

Having educated and informed landlords ensures everyone is on the same page and there isn't anyone inadvertently breaking rules - which could make the regulatory bodies react in a negative way towards our industry.

Read below to take advantage of some of our complimentary services.

Tenant Screening

You're managing your own rental property and think you've found the perfect tenant but would love to know if another landlord has taken the tenant to the Residential Tenancies Branch? Currently your only two options are to go to the RTB offices and rent their computer (pay by the hour) or buy a yearly subscription.

Or simply contact us at Upper Edge and we can run your prospective renter's name through the Residential Tenancies Branch database - free of charge!


Market Rental Assessment

Are you a Realtor with an investment client, or a Property Investor but not sure how much the property will command in rent? Having an accurate number to perform a proper cash-flow analysis is critical and may be the difference in closing the deal. We are part of the Real Estate Board and various investment groups, and like to support our fellow members.

Contact us at Upper Edge and we will provide you with a complimentary Market Rental Assessment.