Free Stuff

At Upper Edge we want to help smaller landlords. We believe in "giving back" which is why we volunteer hundreds of hours per year with the Professional Manager's Association.

Having educated and informed landlords ensures everyone is on the same page and there isn't anyone inadvertently breaking rules - which could make the regulatory bodies react in a negative way towards our industry.

Leasing & Renewals

At Upper Edge, we will perform a comprehensive rental market evaluation on your property to maximize your investment's potential. Professional property photos are produced and uploaded to the internet listing sites best suited to get your property rented out as quickly as possible. Finally, once we receive a rental application, we will use our full resources and access to various databases to thoroughly screen the applicant to give you the best available tenant for you property.

Are you a private landlord needing only leasing or screening services but still want to manage your own property? We can help! Contact us for prices.


Property Maintenance

Surveys show lack of maintenance to the property is a tenant’s biggest complaint. Nothing causes more conflict and potential vacancies than being inattentive to a tenant’s issue.

You’ll never have to worry about that midnight phone call or have to scramble to find a plumber. Upper Edge Property Management has invested in a comprehensive online maintenance system where a tenant can submit an online ticket request, repairs are quickly assigned to a contractor after obtaining owner permission, progress is tracked online and after the job is complete, a survey is sent to the tenant to ensure they are happy. A tenant will never have to leave a message on a machine: a live person is always available to address their concerns, even after hours, 24 hrs per day, 7 days a week. Unparalleled responsiveness to maintenance needs, keeping your tenants happy for higher retention, lower vacancy and lower turnover costs.

Property Management

Upper Edge has distinguished itself as a leader in the management of smaller buildings: single family homes, duplexes, multi-unit buildings, smaller apartment blocks and single owner condominium units.

Unlike large apartment blocks that give a rental discount to a caretaker to perform traditional property management duties, smaller buildings are more labour intensive and require a more "hands on" approach.

Using the latest technology and specially trained field staff, Upper Edge is able to efficiently manage your property.


Rehab & Construction

In addition to providing maintenance and repair services, the Upper Edge team can also help you with larger construction projects, no matter how big or small the job.