About Us

Our Mission

To create great experiences for both tenants and owners, resulting in long relationships based on empathy, good communication and trust.


Innovative Model

Unlike most management companies that employ a single property manager to manage dozens of properties themselves, Upper Edge uses a dedicated customer service department to handle communication and small quick requests, with larger issues being escalated to dedicated departments of specially trained staff. This results in a system that delivers:

  • Property management services that are more consistent than the competition
  • Peace of mind service quality that will not suffer simply because of a staffing change.
  • Constant review and implementation of cutting edge technology

Comprehensive Services

Upper Edge Property Management is a nationally recognized company that offers its clients a full range of services such as:

  • Leasing and Renewals
  • Renovation and Repairs
  • Landscaping and Snow Removal
  • Investment advice
  • Rental market analysis of potential target properties

Core Values

Upper Edge's core values are evident in everything we do:

Brand Personality
We are a company that is passionate about our customers, our company, and our vision to be leaders in the field of property management. We are visionaries that aren't afraid to use cutting edge technologies to improve our products and service.

Brand Promise
We take pride in serving our clients, both owners and tenants. We give them prompt communication with clear, concise answers to their questions, and look after their property quickly and competently.